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USCIS Civil Surgeon

Your Guide To Smoothly Completing A Medical Exam With A USCIS Civil Surgeon

As a step to complete the process of applying for a green card, you need to complete the process of USCIS medical examination. The report of this examination is

submitted to the authorities for green card approval.

This report has to be created by an authorized civil surgeon. So, you need to search for “USCIS Civil Surgeon Near Me” in order to complete the medical examination


USCIS medical exam: what is the purpose?

The purpose of this medical test is to obtain proof of the desired health condition for the eligibility of obtaining a green card. However, this part of the green card

procedure involves health-related grounds only.

Concerning health conditions

Some health conditions can be a reason for the denial of the green card. Such conditions usually include communicable diseases such as gonorrhea,tuberculosis,

infectious syphilis, infectious leprosy, and many others.

Along with these conditions, the lack of proof regarding required vaccinations can also cause the denial of the green card application. The necessary vaccinations

involve measles, mumps, tetanus, diphtheria toxoids, polio, rubella, hepatitis B, influenza, varicella, hepatitis A, and others.

Similarly, mental or physical disorders, which might be harmful to others, can be a cause of green card denial. The same goes for drug addiction or abuse.

Finding a designated doctor

You can’t ask your regular physician to conduct the necessary exam and generate a report from his or her side. This is only possible if your doctor has been authorized

as a USCIS surgeon. Otherwise, you need to find an authorized surgeon who can conduct the whole exam and create the report with his or her signature. That report

would be acceptable in the process of green card approval.

Important things to bring to a medical exam

After finding your authorized surgeon, you can consult regarding the requirement of documents necessary on the day of examination.

In most cases, these documents are requested by authorized surgeons:

  • Your valid passport and/or any other photo ID issued by the government.
  • Your records of immunization and vaccination.
  • Form I-693
  • The fee required by your civil surgeon. (Ask about the procedure fee before scheduling an appointment)
  • Medical reports associated with any type of learning disability.
  • A list of medications you take regularly.
  • Your medical reports of previous conditions and treatments of violent behavior, syphilis and/or tuberculosis.

Reports related to any hospitalization or treatment related to any mental or psychiatric illness, drug abuse and/or alcohol abuse.

The process of medical report submission

After the completion of the examination, your surgeon will prepare a report and put it in a sealed envelope. This envelope needs to reach the USCIS authorities in the

sealed condition only. The submission of the report should be along with the submission of the application for your green card. However, this might differ in some cases.

For specific information, it would be wise to consult an authorized, professional surgeon. Don’t forget to discuss the whole experience of the examination to prepare

yourself in advance.

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