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All You Need To Know About US Immigration Medical Evaluation

The process of immigration involves several factors including a medical evaluation. This is a significant factor, as several health conditions are inadmissible to immigrate.

So, you need to understand, prepare and arrange your medical evaluation without making any mistakes. This post will give you a foundational idea of how to get things

done successfully.

Why does immigration medical evaluation matter?

The medical evaluation is a necessity in immigration due to the factor of public health. An evaluation and necessary vaccination report allow USCIS or U.S.Citizenship and

Immigration Services to ensure that there are no health risks associated with the applicant’s immigration.

Here is a basic idea of medical conditions that can make an application inadmissible:

  • A communicable disease that risks public health
  • Unavailable or unsatisfactory proof of necessary vaccinations
  • Mental or physical conditions that cause harmful behavior
  • Drug addiction or abuse

How to find an immigration doctor?

You can’t choose any professional as your doctor for the medical evaluation. The physician has to be authorized by the government of the United States for the purpose.

So, when you search for “Immigration Doctor Near Me”, properly check the authorization of a doctor before selecting one.

For instance, you can find a USCIS Civil Surgeon in Austell, Georgia. These are the certified professionals available to conduct the exam. You can easily book an appointment

and consult a certified doctor for your case of status adjustment.

What to bring to a medical exam?

When preparing for your medical evaluation, arrange the following items:

  • Your valid passport and/or other photo identifications issued by the government.
  • All records of vaccinations.
  • If adjusting status, you need the form I-693, vaccination record and medical exam report.
  • The fee, which depends on the doctor you choose.
  • Passport-size photos in the required numbers.
  • Reports associated with conditions that require supervision or special education.
  • A list of drugs regularly used by the application for a chronic condition.
  • Proof of properly treated tuberculosis, provided as a certificate by a qualified doctor.
  • A clearance certificate attested by a public health official or doctor as a proof of an adequately treated disease.
  • Information to understand the history of violent or harmful behavior that caused injury to others, whether human beings or animals. The reports should help to understand
    the cause of the behavior such as drug abuse, alcohol use, a medical condition or psychiatric condition.
  • A written certification and report of any mental or psychiatric illness, including complete diagnosis, treatment period and prognosis.

With the following reports and certification, you will be able to ease the process of your medical evaluation. A doctor will conduct the following examinations:

  • Ensuring that you have acquired all the needed vaccinations.
  • Evaluating your medical history of hospitalization, chronic condition treatments and disabilities.
  • Conducting a physical evaluation to understand your latest physical health condition.
  • Conducting a mental evaluation to understand your judgment, intelligence, behavior, comprehension, and decision-making.

How much does immigration medical evaluation cost?

The medical evaluation cost depends on a number of factors such as your location and the doctor you choose. There is no standard fee defined by the government.

So, your selection of a doctor plays a big role in deciding the overall cost. Hence, you are advised to compare different doctors to choose one.

Hopefully, this information has helped to prepare for the immigration medical evaluation.

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