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Immigration Medical Exam

Answering Commonly Asked Questions Related To Immigration Medical Exam

There are many guidelines and rules associated with immigration medical exams for US citizenship. While the USCIS authorities have explained every guideline, many

people feel confused about a lot of things.

To make your Medical Test for Immigration in Austell, Georgia convenient and smoother, this article shares answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

So, let’s dive right in!

What if you previously tested positive for tuberculosis?

If a previous skin test for tuberculosis was positive, you need to get a certificate and report provided by your attending doctor. This certificate needs to provide complete

information on the circumstances of the test result, the process of treatment and the duration of the whole treatment as well.

If you previously had tuberculosis, get your attending doctor to sign a certification proving the adequacy of the attained treatment. This certificate has to have all the dates 

as well as medications you took.

At the same time, if your chest X-rays have ever been abnormal, come to the physician with a previous X-ray. This way, your medical examiner will conveniently compare

the films to understand your condition.

What if you have a medical history of syphilis?

With a history of syphilis, an applicant needs to present a written and signed certificate provided by a qualified doctor to prove the treatment adequacy. Any previous test

that shows positivity of syphilis needs to be presented to the examiners. Along with that, one needs to show a letter of explanation if that condition hasn’t been treated.

This explanation letter should be signed by the attending doctor.

Must a pregnant lady applicant go through a chest X-ray?

According to the guidelines of the US CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women must provide her chest X-ray when undergoing an immigration

examination. A pregnant lady has to provide her consent to the physician to perform the procedure of a chest X-ray.

However, CDC instructs physicians to use a double layer of pelvic and abdominal protection. This ensures the protection of the health of the unborn child as well as the mother.

What about the history of violent or harmful behavior?

If an applicant has ever harmed any person or animal due to violent behavior, he or she needs to provide the associated information. The provided information has to be

enough for the physician to determine whether the behavior was caused due to any medical or psychiatric problem, or due to alcohol or drug use. Harmful behavior involves

all kinds ofself-harm as well, even if they were very minor.

What if an applicant has a medical treatment record of mental or psychiatric illness, or drug or alcohol abuse?

It is necessary to present all previous records of any kind of hospitalized treatment for mental illness, psychiatric treatment, drug or alcohol abuse. The reports presented to the

physician need to provide a complete understanding of the diagnosis, treatment method, treatment duration, and prognosis. Along with that, the ultimate certification provided

by the attending doctor should be there for the physician to evaluate.

Now, with all the important questions answered, you must be feeling more aware of the requirements of this examination. Explore and you will find reliable licensed doctors for

a Cheap Immigration Medical Exam in Austell, Georgia. Then, you can ask more questions to come prepared. 

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